29 Best Songs About Home (Greatest All-Time Hits)

29 Songs about Home
29 Songs about Home

Powerful Songs About Home

Home is where the heart is, and countless musicians have captured the essence of home in their songs. 

Today we’re serving up 29 of the very best songs about home, including both songs with a message around the home and songs with home in the title. This list includes artists such as The Beatles, Adele, Tom Jones, and many more. 

Each song carries its unique message and interpretation of home, offering a diverse selection to connect with listeners.

1. “Homeward Bound” by Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” is a classic from the duo’s 1966 album “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.”

The song encapsulates the feeling of longing for home when one is far away, as Paul Simon wrote while touring England. The duo’s harmonious vocals and gentle melody create a sense of comfort and familiarity, making it an enduring favorite among home songs.

2. “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Released in 1974, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a Southern rock anthem that celebrates the band’s home state.

The song is an ode to the Southern lifestyle and their love for Alabama. The catchy guitar riff and upbeat tempo make it a popular choice for gatherings and celebrations, especially when people are proud to call Alabama their home.

3. “Our House” by Madness

“Our House,” released in 1982 by British ska band Madness, is a catchy tune that paints a nostalgic picture of family life.

The song reminisces about the daily routines, love, and togetherness experienced in a family home. This upbeat and energetic song has become an iconic anthem for those who treasure the warmth and happiness of their homes.

4. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a 1971 classic that captures the beauty of rural life and the longing for home.

This song celebrates the natural wonders of West Virginia and the simple pleasures of country living. With its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics, it’s no wonder that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” remains a beloved anthem for those who cherish their rural roots.

5. “Home” by Michael BublΓ©

“Home” is a touching ballad by Canadian crooner Michael BublΓ©, released in 2005. The song tells the story of a traveler who longs to return home to his loved ones after spending time apart.

BublΓ©’s smooth vocals, combined with the song’s emotive lyrics, create a powerful connection with listeners who have experienced the longing for home and family.

6. “Coming Home” by Diddy – Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey

“Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money, featuring Skylar Grey, is a 2010 hip-hop track that focuses on the theme of redemption and returning home after facing adversity.

The song’s powerful beat and inspiring lyrics resonate with listeners who have faced challenges and seek a fresh start in the comfort of their homes.

7. “Two of Us” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ “Two of Us” is a heartfelt song from their 1970 album “Let It Be.” Written by Paul McCartney, it celebrates the bond between him and John Lennon.

The lyrics describe the duo embarking on a journey together and heading home. The song’s tender melody and nostalgic lyrics make it a timeless tribute to friendship and the shared memories that make a place feel like home.

8. “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

“Home” is an indie-folk hit from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, released in 2009. This whimsical song expresses the feeling that home is where the heart is and that the love shared between two people creates a sense of belonging.

With its catchy melody and playful lyrics, “Home” has become a favorite for those who appreciate the emotional connection and the sense of comfort that comes from being with a loved one.

9. “This House Is Not for Sale” by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s “This House Is Not for Sale” is a rock anthem from their 2016 album of the same name. The song is a powerful declaration of loyalty, integrity, and resilience.

It speaks to the idea that the foundation of a home is built on trust, love, and shared experiences. With its energizing guitar riffs and passionate vocals, this song connects with listeners who value the emotional security of their homes.

10. “Home” by Chris Daughtry

“Home” is a 2007 rock ballad by Chris Daughtry, the lead singer of the band Daughtry.

The song explores the emotional struggle of leaving home to chase dreams while yearning to return to the familiarity of loved ones.

With its introspective lyrics and soaring chorus, “Home” resonates with those who have ventured away from home and felt the pull to return.

11. “Back to the Old House” by The Smiths

“Back to the Old House” is a wistful acoustic track by The Smiths, released in 1984. The song explores the feelings of nostalgia and longing that come with revisiting a childhood home.

Morrissey’s haunting vocals, accompanied by Johnny Marr’s delicate guitar work, create a poignant and melancholic atmosphere that evokes memories of days gone by.

12. “Back in Baby’s Arms” by Patsy Cline

Released in 1962, “Back in Baby’s Arms” by Patsy Cline is a heartfelt country ballad. The song expresses a deep longing to be reunited with a loved one and the sanctuary of home.

Cline’s emotive vocals and the song’s tender melody create a powerful sense of yearning that resonates with listeners who have experienced separation from their loved ones.

13. “Mama, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne

“Mama, I’m Coming Home” is a power ballad by Ozzy Osbourne, released in 1991. The song is a tribute to his wife, Sharon, and a promise to return home after a long period of touring.

With its soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics, this song captures the emotions of longing and devotion that many feel when they’re away from home.

14. “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

“Wide Open Spaces” is a country hit by the Dixie Chicks, released in 1998. The song celebrates the adventurous spirit of leaving home to explore new horizons and find one’s own path in life.

The catchy melody and relatable lyrics make “Wide Open Spaces” a popular choice for those who have embraced the excitement and uncertainty of venturing away from home.

15. “Home Again” by Carole King

“Home Again” is a beautiful piano ballad by Carole King from her 1971 album “Tapestry.” The song captures the warmth and security of returning home after a journey.

King’s soulful voice and the song’s heartfelt lyrics create a comforting atmosphere that speaks to the importance of finding solace in one’s home.

16. “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” is a nostalgic country ballad from her 2009 album “Revolution.”

The song tells the story of revisiting a childhood home and remembering the experiences that shaped one’s identity. With its poignant lyrics and tender melody, “The House That Built Me” is a touching tribute to the power of home in shaping who we are.

17. “Please Come to Boston” by Dave Loggins

“Please Come to Boston” is a heartfelt ballad by Dave Loggins, released in 1974.

The song tells the story of a man who pleads with his lover to join him in various cities across the United States, only to have her reply that she’d rather stay in their hometown.

The emotional lyrics and moving melody capture the struggle of balancing the desire for adventure with the longing for the familiarity and comfort of home.

18. “A House Is Not a Home” by Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick’s “A House Is Not a Home” is a soulful ballad from her 1964 album “Make Way for Dionne Warwick.”

The song emphasizes that a home is more than just a physical structure – it’s the emotional connections and memories that make a house truly feel like home. Warwick’s powerful voice and the song’s poignant lyrics resonate with listeners who value the intangible essence of home.

19. “The Long Way Home” by Norah Jones

“The Long Way Home” is a soothing track by Norah Jones from her 2004 album “Feels Like Home.” The song conveys a sense of taking one’s time to return home and appreciating the journey along the way.

Jones’ sultry voice and the song’s mellow melody create a calming atmosphere that invites listeners to slow down and cherish the journey back to their roots.

20. “Runnin’ Home to You” by Grant Gustin

“Runnin’ Home to You” is a heartfelt ballad performed by Grant Gustin in the 2017 musical crossover episode of “The Flash” and “Supergirl” TV series.

The song is a declaration of love, as the protagonist realizes the importance of coming home to the person he loves.

With its tender lyrics and emotive melody, “Runnin’ Home to You” has become a favorite among fans of the show and those who appreciate the power of love in making a place feel like home.

21. “Heading Home” by Gryffin ft. Josef Salvat

“Heading Home” is an uplifting electronic track by Gryffin, featuring Josef Salvat, released in 2016. The song combines a catchy beat with lyrics about finding one’s way back home after being lost.

The danceable rhythm and inspiring message make “Heading Home” a popular choice for those who view home as a destination worth striving for.

22. “Hometown Glory” by Adele

“Hometown Glory” is a soulful ballad by Adele, featured on her debut album “19,” released in 2008.

The song is a tribute to her hometown of West Norwood, London, and celebrates the love and pride she feels for her roots.

Adele’s powerful vocals and the song’s nostalgic lyrics make “Hometown Glory” a poignant ode to the importance of one’s hometown in shaping their identity.

23. “Green, Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones

“Green, Green Grass of Home” is a classic country ballad, performed by Tom Jones and released in 1966.

The song tells the story of a man dreaming of returning to the beautiful, familiar landscape of his childhood home.

With its evocative lyrics and heartfelt melody, this song has become a timeless anthem for those who long for the comfort of their roots.

24. “My Hometown” by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown” is a reflective ballad from his 1984 album “Born in the U.S.A.” The song explores the bittersweet emotions of growing up in a small town and witnessing its changes over time.

Springsteen’s evocative lyrics and storytelling capture the complexity of feelings toward one’s hometown, including the nostalgia for the past, the appreciation for the present, and the uncertainty of the future.

This powerful track resonates with those who understand the importance of their roots and the impact of their hometown on their identity.

25. “Halfway Home” by Broken Social Scene

“Halfway Home” is an anthemic indie rock track by Canadian collective Broken Social Scene, released in 2017.

The song discusses the journey of finding one’s way back home, both physically and emotionally, and the challenges faced along the way.

With its infectious melody and uplifting lyrics, “Halfway Home” encourages listeners to persevere and find their way back to their roots.

26. “A Place Called Home” by Kim Richey

“A Place Called Home” is a heartfelt country ballad by Kim Richey, released in 2002.

The song emphasizes the importance of finding a sense of belonging and creating a home, regardless of where life takes you.

Richey’s emotive vocals and the song’s introspective lyrics resonate with those who understand the value of creating a sanctuary, no matter where they are.

27. “English House” by Fleet Foxes

“English House” is a folk track by Fleet Foxes, featured on their 2008 EP “Sun Giant.” The song paints a vivid picture of an old, decaying house in the English countryside and the memories it holds.

The lush harmonies and evocative lyrics create a nostalgic atmosphere that draws listeners into the haunting beauty of a home that once was.

28. “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads

“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” is a quirky and endearing song by Talking Heads, released in 1983.

The song explores the concept of home as an emotional connection, rather than a specific location. With its unique blend of new wave and art rock, the track has become a fan favorite and an enduring reminder of the power of love in making a place feel like home.

29. “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

“Temporary Home” is a touching country ballad by Carrie Underwood, featured on her 2009 album “Play On.”

The song is a reminder that life is full of temporary situations, and the true meaning of home lies in the connections we make with others.

Underwood’s powerful voice and the song’s heartfelt lyrics create a poignant message that resonates with those who understand the transient nature of life and the importance of cherishing the relationships that make a place feel like home.

Summary: Songs About Home

This compilation of 29 songs about home showcases the diverse ways that artists from various genres and time periods have captured the essence of home.

From nostalgic ballads to uplifting anthems, these songs remind us of the importance of home in our lives and the powerful emotions it can evoke.

Whether you’re longing for your hometown or cherishing the sanctuary of your current home, this collection is sure to resonate with listeners and provide a comforting reminder of the universal human experience of finding solace and belonging in the concept of home.

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