10 of the Best DJ Record Pools

Best DJ Record Pools for DJs - Music Pools
Best DJ Record Pools for DJs - Music Pools

Discovering 10 of the Best DJ Record Pools

DJ record pools open up a music treasure trove to modern-day DJs.

They keep your music collection updated while minimizing the time spent sourcing tracks for your mixes.

These pools are a valuable investment for DJs, second only to their equipment, as they enable them to hone their craft and gain access to a mammoth supply of new music material.

On top of this, these record pools offer consistent updates to their tracklists, as well as exclusive tracks and remixes.

The task of selecting the best DJ record pool can be a daunting one, but we are here to support our fellow DJs. We have curated a list of the top 10 DJ record pools to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Before diving into the various options, it is essential to grasp the concept of what DJ record pools are and why they wield such a powerful influence.

What is a DJ Record Pool?

A DJ record pool is an online platform, extending exclusive access to promotional music for DJs.

With a record pool, DJs can reduce the time and effort they would typically invest in individually scouring tracks, which can be especially challenging for those who cater to diverse musical genres.

These pools provide a comprehensive solution by bundling thousands of high-quality tracks under one umbrella, usually in a simple user interface, available for a recurring subscription fee (often monthly).

It’s important to note that record pools are not available to the general public and typically require DJ status verification.

As a valuable investment for DJs, we highly recommend joining a record pool as it can save considerable time and effort. Finding the right pool for yourself may take some trial and error, but the team at 122BPM have done their best to break down the best options on the market.

Top 10 DJ Music Pools in 2023

We have compared various DJ pools in the market based on their expansive content, genre variety, user experience and overall functionality, presenting you with the top options in the business.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 DJ record pools that we recommend to both new DJs and veteran DJs:


DJ Record Pools - A comprehensive list of the best DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: Pro Unlimited plan – $50/month billed monthly or $35/month billed annually

ZipDJ presents itself as the “world’s most elite music pool for professional DJs”, boasting a remarkable variety of tracks across a range of over 60 genres, including Dance, House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Latin.

Although it is not the most affordable option, many consider it the premier DJ pool for house music and a must have for serious electronic music DJs.

ZipDJ has collaborated with over 2000 record labels, including influential names like Ultra Music and Ministry of Sound, ensuring that exclusive promotional tracks are never in short supply.

The platform’s interface is impressively sleek and user-friendly, featuring well-organized pages for easy navigation.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to track selection, including new releases, top downloads, trending charts, top charts, and ZIPDJ Packs, the latter of which consists of pre-curated playlists.

A core software update in late 2021 improved the overall user experience, introducing new features such as the ability to save tracks as “favourites”, “follows”, and “crates”, providing a more personalized experience.

Finishing off, their search function is now more comprehensive, allowing users to filter by a range of helpful categories such as track, artist, genre, label, key, or BPM.

DJs can also create playlists and export tracks directly to a variety of industry-standard software applications, such as Rekordbox, Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor and more.

2. DJCity

Record pools for DJs - A list of the best 10 DJ pools

Pricing: $30/month or $150 for 6 months

DJcity represents one of the leading digital record pools in the world, providing DJs with exclusive access to an extensive library of tracks spanning multiple genres.

The platform, established in the year 2000, holds a prominent position in the industry due to its age and membership base of thousands of individuals worldwide.

The focus of the platform primarily revolves around the provision of exclusive and up-to-date music that is bound to create an impact on any dancefloor. Its immense library of tracks makes it a hub for DJs looking for the latest releases and trends.

Navigating the platform is an effortless experience, thanks to its sophisticated and streamlined user interface that saves valuable time while searching for tracks. The platform also ensures seamless and rapid downloads of tracks, adding to the overall user experience.

The quality of service and tracks provided by DJCity is unmatched, making it one of the most outstanding DJ record pools in the market.

Its consistent release of exclusive music is a testament to its dedication towards providing its users with the latest and most exquisite musical creations.

3. BPM Music (BPM Supreme)

DJ Record Pools - A comprehensive list of the best DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $19.99/month for Standard plan (limited features) or $29.99/month for Premium plan (all features)

BPM Music (BPM Supreme) is another leading record pool in the DJ domain, acknowledged for its ability to offer all the music necessary from one single dedicated source.

This particular attribute is what sets it apart and has established it as one of the industry’s premier record pools.

They partner with some of the most renowned record labels in world, including the likes of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Empire Records, Dim Mak, and Mad Decent.

Once registered as a user, a whole world of music opens up to you, providing access to hundreds of thousands of tracks, including the latest new releases. The platform simplifies the task of importing music into your preferred DJ software such as Serato, Virtual DJ, Traktor, and others.

Subscribers of BPM Supreme are presented with high-quality 320kbs files, multiple track versions, exclusive remixes and edits, and even a dedicated mobile app.

The mobile app offers a bonus advantage as users can listen to and preview high-quality audio tracks on the go, adding their chosen tracks to their crate and creating playlists. Additionally, it provides updates on the latest news in the DJ, producer, and music industry, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date.

The platform boasts an extensive library of tracks, including top downloads, new releases, and radio charts. It enables users to swiftly select the best tracks that would be perfect for their next set.

BPM Supreme’s back catalog is one of the most extensive among record pools globally and is regularly updated with new releases each day.

Finally, their carefully curated sister pool BPM Supreme Latino dedicated to all types of Latino music is definitely worth checking out.

4. Digital DJ Pool

DJ Pools - A comprehensive list of the best DJ record pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $20/month or $190/year (both after a trial period)

Digital DJ Pool proclaims itself as “the world’s best record pool and DJ network.”

Clients of this DJ pool giant unlock a colossal multi-category music collection, renewed daily, as well as many variations of each song, audio quality of 320kps or more, a suave user interface and even preset cue points on select tracks.

Similar to many of the leading record pools, Digital DJ Pool has its very own dedicated mobile app, which is user-friendly and boasts a clean interface and experience.

You can use the app to discover and preview tracks on the go, construct your set, create crates, and uncover the newest trends. It simplifies the life of a DJ just that tiny bit since you can download all the tracks you have approved of when you return to your computer, saving yourself tons of time.

Another notable feature worth mentioning is that they offer customer support round-the-clock and the capability to connect with all the other DJs utilizing their platform, helping you in building your DJ network and extending your reach.

To conclude, if you are in pursuit of a DJ record pool that offers more than just an extensive song database, Digital DJ Pool could be the pool for you.

5. My MP3 Pool

DJ Record Pools - A comprehensive list of the best DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $19.95/month billed monthly or $199/year billed annually

My MP3 Pool has built an exceptional online reputation over the years, branding itself as a premier DJ record pool in the industry.

They pride themselves on being “an emerging online music source for digital DJs,” constantly building on their services, amassing a huge pool of over 200,000 tracks spanning across 400+ genres.

With their monthly subscription, subscribers are granted access to thousands of promotional tracks that cross various music genres. You can download these tracks at 320kbps.

Apart from the conventional track versions, they also offer variants such as clean, dirty, instrumentals, acapellas, and remixes, making your sets that much more engaging.

All the downloadable tracks are carefully tagged with relevant information like song title, BPM, track, and key, and the inclusion of pre-set cue points make mixing a seamless experience.

Similar to other highly-rated DJ record pools, such as ZIPDJ and Digital DJ Pool, MyMP3Pool provides a user-friendly mobile app that you can use to sample and preview tracks even while you are on the move.

Additionally, MyMP3Pool grants its users access to exclusive tracks and prereleases, while you can browse through their expertly-curated playlists and charts to stay updated with the latest trends.

6. Digital Music Pool

DJ music Pools - A comprehensive list of the best DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $27.99/month billed monthly or discounted longer commitments ($69.97 for 3 months, $134.94 for 6 months or $249.87 for 12 months)

Digital Music Pool positions itself as a one-stop-shop for DJs searching for the most unique musical compositions.

The subscription-based online music source releases new songs daily and presents DJs exclusive access to tracks available only through DMP.

Their collection comprises an enormous selection of music genres, ranging from EDM to House, R&B, Trap, and Reggae to Hip Hop.

Their user interface is easy to navigate, enabling DJs to browse for music using advanced filtering options such as Genre, BPM, Exclusives, and Top Downloads.

As an added bonus, you can tailor your dashboard with the day and night mode feature, and with their mobile app, preview and save tracks while you are on the move, which is extremely useful for DJs frequently traveling.

Subscribers receive unrestricted access to downloads in every genre, high-quality 320kbs MP3 files, multiple track variations such as Clean, Dirty, Intros, and Acapellas, and early admission to advanced music releases before anyone else can get them.

7. Direct Music Service (DMS)

DJ music Pools - A list of the best DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: Different plans ranging from $29.95/month to $64.95/month or $269.95/year to $449.95/year

Direct Music Service (DMS) stands as a longstanding record pool, having originated in 1999, making it one of the oldest DJ record pools in existence.

DMS prides itself on being “the industry leader in DJ-friendly edits” and is often credited as the originator of many set-sweetening editing styles such as acapella outs, quick hitters, acapella loops, and more.

DMS appeals primarily to open format DJs because to its diverse range of genres and one of the most extensive back catalogs in the industry due to its age.

The platform updates its tracks weekly, and while most downloads come in at a crisp 320kbps, be mindful that some of the older releases remain at 256kbps.

One of the most unique features of this pool is that DJs can make a request for a particular edit (if it is not available), and DMS will do its best to accommodate.

On top of that, DMS provides a mobile application that enables users to preview and listen to music on the go.

While this app is not as stylish and feature-rich as ZipDJ or DJCity, its extensive catalog size sets it apart as one of the most notable in the industry.

8. Crate Connect

Record pools for DJs - A list of the best 10 DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $22 for 30 days, $55 for 90 days or $99 for 180 days.

Crate Connect is a top-tier and exclusive record pool that offers DJs some of the best value in the industry.

Subscribers receive an extensive selection of over 70 diverse genres from their exhaustive and extensive library of tracks that spans multiple decades. The music available in the pool is not subject to removal at any point in time, so you can expect to uncover the best of classics that can add a unique flavor to your mixes.

Crate Connect continues to add new music daily and makes life easier for its users by routinely providing updated remixes and customized intros, which facilitates the seamless and effortless addition of new tracks.

The available tracks can be downloaded at a minimum bitrate of 320kbps. On top of this, Crate Connect also offers high-quality WAV downloads, which not all record pools provide, making them an excellent choice for DJs who desire top audio quality.

The user experience is simple and easy to work with and they have updated their interface recently to allow for switching between the light and dark mode, which is a much-appreciated addition.

Crate Connect’s premium features, user-friendly interface, and seamless experience make them a pool that’s well worth considering, and we highly recommend it to any DJ who wants to explore one of the best DJ record pools in the industry for value.

9. Heavy Hits

Record pools for DJs - A list of the best 10 DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: $24.99/month with a discounted first month

Heavy Hits serves as a primary source of music for hip hop and R&B DJs, providing exclusive access tailored to melody-focused genres.

Their pool of offerings stands out among others in the same industry due to the distinctive features that make it a game-changer.

Heavy Hits acknowledges the significance of a track’s key and melodic content. They give valuable information about harmonically mixable tracks, which is not common in other DJ pools.

This feature is essential for hip hop DJs as it enables them to match tracks based on the key, using the Camelot Wheel system.

Heavy Hits’ library boasts an extensive collection of music, featuring top hip hop artists like Drake, Rihanna, and The Weeknd, among others.

In addition, they offer unique track attributes such as danceability, energy, and valence, which allow DJs to create sets that flow seamlessly, complementing each other’s moods. This attribute is especially valuable to veteran DJs.

The platform also supports various genres, including pop, dance, and reggae, and all music files come in high-quality 320kbps.

The entire platform is accessible through an eye-catching interface that is easy to navigate. Users can browse and preview exclusive content thanks to the platform’s seamless performance.

Overall, while Heavy Hits falls just short of being the best DJ record pool, however it is a must-try for DJs who specialize in melodic content within the target genres.

10. iDJ Pool

Record pools for DJs - A list of the best 10 DJ pools for exclusive music

Pricing: Genre-specific plans start from $15/month with full access costing $50/month

iDJ Pool, established in 1985, stands as a venerable institution among music pools dedicated to DJs and is the longest standing pool in the scene.

DJs will discover a mammoth selection of genres including of dance music, urban sounds, rock ‘n’ roll, pop hits, country western tunes, adult contemporary, Christian melodies, gospel hymns and finally, Jazz/Holiday tunes.

The collection of iDJ Pool boasts one of the finest back-catalogues of classics or, in other words, music arranged by decade.

Moreover, the catalogue is helpfully sorted by various occasions including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries – making it great for mobile DJs who spin at special occasion events. This makes iDJ pool arguably the best DJ pool for wedding DJs.

An array of versions of the music tracks are available, including the likes of DJ intro and DJ outro edits, remixes, clean and explicit edits, and a variety of others.

[BONUS] Other DJ Record Pools to Consider

Record pools for DJs - A list of the best 5 extra DJ pools for exclusive music

Although our top 10 DJ pools list is designed to cater to a wide variety of musical preferences, there are many other pools available to the modern day DJ.

As a bonus, here’s an additional five DJ record pools we would recommend all our readers dig into to see if they fit their DJing needs better:

  • Promo Only
  • Late Night Record Pool
  • Club Killers
  • Doing The Damage
  • Barbangerz

Summary: 10 Best Record Pools for DJs

Although the choice of record pools can leave you feeling overwhelmed, we trust that this guide has equipped you with the tools to select the one that meets with your budget and style.

If you are a new DJ, we recommend delving into all the record pools mentioned in this guide, particularly if you are more of an open format DJ, as certain record pools present a more comprehensive range of genres and styles than others. 

In summary, we have compiled our top 10 choices for the best DJ record pools:

  • ZipDJ
  • DJCity
  • BPM Music
  • Digital DJ Pool
  • My MP3 Pool
  • Digital Music Pool
  • Direct Music Service (DMS)
  • Crate Connect
  • Heavy Hits
  • iDJ Pool

We suggest that you take some time to research each record pool mentioned and come to a conclusion on which suits your floor filling needs the most. 

If you’re looking for even more creative ways to source (and download) new tunes for your next tracklist, make sure to check out 10 Powerful Music Sources for DJs.

DJ Record Pool FAQs

If you’re looking for a TLDR approach to some of your burning DJ record pool questions, Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding DJ record pools, in a concise and simple to read format.

Who are DJ Pools for?

DJ record pools cater to DJs seeking access to the latest and exclusive music for their sets. It’s important to note that DJ pools are not intended for general consumption and often include a disclaimer to this effect, which requires the DJ to acknowledge before unlocking access to the pool.

Why should DJs consider joining a DJ record pool?

For DJs seeking to save significant time and effort in procuring tracks for their mixes, subscribing to a DJ record pool is a worthwhile consideration. These record pools offer a comprehensive solution by providing access to a vast selection of high-quality tracks in one convenient platform, including exclusive tracks and remixes. Even beginner DJs looking to get started will find value from joining a DJ record pool.

How do DJ record pools work?

DJ record pools work by bundling thousands of club-ready tracks in one online platform, usually through a simple user interface, accessible by paying a recurring subscription fee. These pools provide exclusive access to promotional music for DJs, and often offer consistent updates to their tracklists.

How can DJs choose the best DJ record pool for their needs?

When selecting a record pool, DJs should compare the pool’s music content, genre diversity, platform experience, and pricing. It’s worth noting that certain record pools are focused on a particular genre, which can be advantageous for certain DJs, allowing them to minimize costs while concentrating on their preferred musical style.

Are DJ Pools worth it?

DJ record pools are a game changer for the modern DJs, offering them the opportunity to fill their library whilst minimizing the time they allocate for sourcing tracks for their mixes. In our opinion, DJ music pools represent an invaluable investment for aspiring and serious DJs, as they streamline the sourcing process, allowing the DJ to focus on their craft whilst accessing a trove of new floor fillers.

Are there any free DJ Pools?

There are no free DJ record pools and obtaining music illegally is not an option for the serious DJ. With that said, there are alternative websites where DJs can legally download music for free (albeit less variety and quality).

SoundCloud, Free Music Archive (FMA) and various Social Media platforms are a few places to look. You can check the bonus section in our article, Where do DJs get music? to see some free options to source and download music.

Do DJ Pools offer trials?

Many DJ pools in this list offer discounted periods for new users, which is a great way to trial a pool to see if it’s suitable for your needs without committing to either an increased price tag or length commitment. Digital DJ Pool, Heavy Hits and DJCity are some of the best candidates for a discounted trial. Other record pools tend to offer discounted rates for a longer commitment.

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